Ms. Altruistic

Exploring Myself

Hi there! My name is Shania and I’m Ms. Altruistic herself. I started this blog as a place to write cathartically. I’m hoping that it will serve as a journal and a place for memories.

I’m a mid-20s Texas girl. I’m in school for my degree in Social Work, it’s actually how I got the idea for the name of my blog. I love to write and be creative in general. I’m introverted and something of an old lady. I love animals, I currently have a Doberman Pinscher and two shelter cats. I love goats and donkeys- hopefully one day I’ll own a small farm. I also enjoy plants and taking care of my growing succulent/cactus collection.

What am I hoping to achieve by blogging?

  • I’m hoping to use this blog as a sort of personal growth journal. A place to look back on to see how far I’ve come.
  • I want to share my experiences with others in the hopes that they can learn and grow from my experiences too. Sometimes I feel as though I’ve lived a hundred lifetimes.
  • I would love to connect with and befriend other social workers and creatives. What is a better place for that than the Internet?
  • I want to look back at my first posts a year from now with a better sense of self, and a more refined outlook of my future than I have now.

So now you know a little bit about me. I will definitely be sharing more as I write new posts. I have quite a bit to talk about!

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